News outlet Indian Country Today has new a owner: itself

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PHOENIX (AP) — Indian Country Today, an online news publication and daily broadcaster covering tribes and Indigenous peoples, has changed ownership.

The outlet has been operating as a limited liability company under the National Congress of American Indians since 2017, when the Oneida Indian Nation donated it to the nation’s oldest and largest tribal organization.

It will now operate as an independent company.

NCAI on Friday transferred its interests in Indian Country Today LLC to IndiJ Public Media, a newly incorporated Arizona nonprofit.

“This is a new day for ICT, which has a long history as a premier source of news for and about Indigenous communities, written and produced by Indigenous journalists,” said Karen Michel, Ho Chunk, president and CEO of IndiJ Public Media. “As IndiJ Public Media’s name implies, our focus remains on Indigenous journalism while emphasizing our expansion into broadcasting.”

NCAI President Fawn Sharp called the change an “exciting time for Indian Country Today to become fiscally independent and to continue its tradition of an autonomous free press.”

Indian Country Today is headquartered at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. It was on the brink of closure before NCAI took it over, and was relaunched under the leadership of editor Mark Trahant, Shoshone-Bannock.

According to a release, over the past four decades, the organization has evolved from the weekly Lakota Times, to a national magazine, to a digital publication and a daily half-hour newscast “reporting on the ground from – and for – Indian Country about the critical issues impacting Native nations and peoples in the United States and around the globe.”

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