NewsWatch: Here’s why it’s time to start shorting overextended markets, says one research firm


To analysts at Longview Economics, a London-based research firm, it’s looking like the rally from September lows was overextended, and the upside trend is “tired.” They say markets are overbought at an index, sector and single-stock level as traders have become “greedy.” See full story.

Billionaire investor Howard Marks paints grim view of economic outlook: stimulus alone won’t cure ‘down-cycle’

The U.S. stock market has rebounded mightily in recent months but Howard Marks cautions investors to brace for a tough slog in the economy, and that’s even if a fresh fiscal stimulus package can be passed by Congress to help heal the coronavirus-stricken business climate. See full story.

The pause in Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine trial justifies why Big Pharma isn’t eager to rush to market

Pharmaceutical companies will resist pressure from politicians such as U.S. President Donald Trump to speed up the vaccine trial and approval process. See full story.

Apple makes 5G iPhone seem like a good value, which could be a huge signal boost

Apple Inc. priced its new iPhones on par with its last generation of smartphones Tuesday and surprisingly put forth a value proposition for consumers that could boost the spread of 5G. See full story.

Amazon workers strike on busy Prime Day over conditions and pay in Germany

Thousands of workers at seven Amazon fulfillment centers in Germany are set to strike during one of the tech giant’s busiest weeks, over working conditions and wages. See full story.


Rents have soared some 10% in ‘spillover’ communities that are attracting migrants from pricey cities. See full story.

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