Understanding the CDC Eviction Moratorium & The Need for Rental Assistance Programs

The only action a tenant must take is to submit the signed declaration. While not required, tenants should keep proof handy that they met the requirements to which they’re certifying. Tenants should also keep proof that they delivered the declaration to their landlord #GOPCThread

One of the biggest limitations of this order is that it only protects tenants who are being evicted for not paying rent. Tenants who are being evicted for ‘other’ reasons, like nonrenewal of a monthly lease, should contact an attorney for help. #GOPCThread

The moratorium isn’t perfect and rules are still evolving. Most recently, the @washingtonpost reported that rule changes still permit landlords to initiate evictions and then wait till January of ’21 for the sheriff’s to put people on the street… #GOPCThread

…and that landlords can challenge tenants’ claims of inability to pay. These and other moves make it easier for landlord to intimidate tenants. #GOPCThread


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